Culture of AssamOpen Innovation and InvestorsInternational Award Ceremony

Culture of Assam

INFES-2020 is organized for fusion of Art and Culture of Assam in the global platform. The unique ethnic culture of Assam represents the identity, process and cultural heritage of its own.

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Open Innovation and Investors

INFES-2020 will be the biggest platform for Innovators, Startups, Researchers, Academician to be connected with the Investors from different countries of the world.

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International Award Ceremony

INFES-2020 will give the opportunity for receiving International Awards for Global Recognition for outstanding international contribution.

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List of Accepted Abstracts: INFES-2020

List of Accepted Abstract and Mode of Presentation INFES-2020



Title Of The Paper Name Of The Presenter Mode Of Presentation
1 Impact Of Cloud Computing In Supply Chain Management: An Overview


Afsana Sultana




2 An Analaysis Of Entrepreneurship Development And Employment Generation In Nigeria:

A Study Of National Directorate Of Employment Generation

Babangida Shehu


3 Application Of Electric Drives In Agricultural Application


V V Agravat1*, C S Matholiya1, R. Swarnkar2, P. Gupta3 Poster
4 Impact Of Online Shopping Practices On Physical Stores: A Study On Electronics Retail Stores Of Nagaon Town Of Assam


Geeti Moni Deka Oral
5 Prospects And Problems Of Tourism Industry In Assam


Kallol Bhattacharya, Abhinandan Dutta, Saurav Chakravarty


6 Clusters & Sustainable Livelihood.

Market Driven And Innovative Interventions.

A Case Study Of Imphal Jewellery Cluster



Mita Nath Bora




7 Investment Management


         Shiva Prasad Dey





8 Role Played By Banking Ombudsman In Mitigating The Grievances Of The Customers: A Study With Special Reference To Axis Bank.



Shraddha Sengupta


9 Law Of Tort In Indian Context- A Scrutiny


Dr. Dhiraj Bhusan Sarmah Oral
10 A Study About The Impacts Of E-Waste In The Environmental Degradation Subal Chakravarty & Barsha Talukdar



11 An Analysis Of Corporate Social Responsibility Laws In India


Himashri Baishya Oral
12 Shifting Of Criminal Liability Under Ipc Dr. Hiren Ch. Nath Oral




4th Generation Sensors For Diabetes Monitoring


Gowhar Ahmad Naikoo


14 Common Types Of Business Laws Marie Therese Villa Caoile Oral
15 Standard Of Living Vs. Standard Of Life: In The Quest For Prioritized Need Between The Two In Light Of The Philosophies Of The West And The East.


Abu Sayed Md. Mahmudul Haque Chowdhury & Tahsina Shabnam Oral
16 Government Intervention In The Health Sectorwith Special Refrence To The Assam Government Afshana Parveen Poster
17 The Iconography In The Coins Of The Kushana Kings



Akash Chetia     And    Shakeel Rehman


18 Emerging Trends: Need Of Training Teachers In Guidance And Counselling


Alphonsa Diana Haokip


19 Representation Of Elephants In Indian Print Advertisements: A Study


Gurumayum Krishnadas Sharma


20 Through A Gender Lens : A Sociological Study On The Nyishi Women Of Arunachal Pradesh, Papumpare


Jahnobi Borgohain




21 Challenges In Grass-Root Politics: A Study Of A Tribal Village In Arunachal Pradesh



Dr.Millo Seema1, Millo Aruni2, Millo Merry3,Dani Tabiyo4


22 A Study On Psychological Well Being And Academic Performance Of B.Ed Teacher-Trainees With Special Reference To Guwahati, Assam


Jyotishmita Lahkar




23 Transition From  Co-Existence  To Conflict Between Man And Nature Priyanka Sarmah




24 Human Development In Myanmar:  A Case Study Of Education


P Rollen Oral
25 Impact Of Flood Hazard On Environment And Human Response: Special Refference To Beki River, Assam


Dr. Ch. Udaya, Bhaskara Rao, Saurabh Kumar Sarma, Aditi Sarma


26 School Drop-Out Rate In Assam : A Serious Concern


Sonali Kumbang Poster
27 Police & Human Rights: Bangladesh Context Md. Sharifur Rahman Adil Oral
28 Comparison Of Neuro-Cognitive Functional Networking On Creativity Between Healthy Adolescents: A Sibling Study


Shraddha Pal1 And Manidipa Baruah2


29 Changing Scenario Of Electoral Participation In Assam

A Study Of Assembly Elections From 1952 To 2016


Mohan Pathak Oral
30 The Fourteenth Finance Commission: Criteria For Horizontal Devolution And The Fiscal Performance Of The States


Nitu Moni Bora




Faces Of Humanity And Oppression – A Study On A Forgotten, Unchanging Place Called Salonah



Anneswa Mahanta








32 Solution Of Magneto-Hydrodynamic(Mhd)Non-Newtonian Boundary Layer Flow In A Convergent Channel Using Homotopy Perturbation Method


Kamal Debnath And Bikash Koli Saha


33 An IoT Based Framework Reduced the Latency and Bandwidth For Streaming Data Using for Fog and Edge Computing



Mr.  Chinmoy Bharadwaj 1, Dr. Sajal Saha 2


34 Biogas As An Alternative Source Of Energy In Rural Bhutan: A Case Study Of Yoeseltse Gewog In Samtse District


Tashi Sce
35 Evaluation Of Genetic Dna Damage In The Agricultural Workers Exposed To Combined Action Of Pesticides In Sorbhug Area Of Barpeta District Of Assam Dr. Ranjit Hazarika




36 Classification Of Spatio Geophysical Data And Geological Scenario Using Convolutional Neural Networks



Himanta Borgohain





37 Theory Of Optimum Phfor Pulp Vitality


Dr. Pheiroijam Herojit Singh Poster
38 Growth, Development Study And Protein Quantification Of Haemolymph And Silkgland Of Muga Silkworm Larvae (Antheraea Assamensis) Reared On Secondary Host Plant Dighloti (Litsea Salicifolia)


Eva Rani Hazarika¹And Dipsikha Bora²


39 Real-Time Monitoring Of Slope Behavior Using Integrated Tdr Based

Wireless Sensor Network

Dr Guntha Karthik Oral
40 Development And Performance Evaluation Of Batch Type Biomass Pyrolyser For Agricultural Residue


J.M.Makavana1*, P.N.Sarsavadiya2, P.M.Chauhan3, S.V.Kalaiya4


41 Expression Of Il8 And Il13 In Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients And Their Association With Different Clinicopathological And Lifestyle Factors Jayasree Talukdar1,2, Eyashin Ali1,2, Mallika Bhattacharyya1,2, Subhash Medhi


42 Mathematical Model Of Japanese Encephalitis With Geometric Brownian Motion




Bapan Kalita1, Anuradha Devi1





Virtual Reality And Human Perception




Jilmil Hazarika



44 On Five Dimensional Bianchi Type-Iii Cosmological Models With Massive String In Lyra Geometry

Jiten Baro1 & Kangujam Priyokumar Singh2 Poster
45 Microencapsulation Of Avocado Fruit Juice: A Novel Technology Karthik Nayaka V. S.1*, Shamina Azeez2, Suresha G. J3., Tiwari R. B4., Prasanth S. J3., Andsuresha K. B4


46 Utilization Of Ethno-Medicinal Plants By The Rural Population Of Jorhat, Assam


Manisha Dutta Poster
47 A  General Approach For Solving Fuzzy Linear Fractional

Programming Problems By Using Metric Distance Ranking







Moumita Deb Poster




Modeling The Dynamics Of An Age Structured Prey-Predator Interaction Model Under Predation And Poaching


Munmi Saikia






Invited Speaker


Dr Pranjal Phukan






50 Reconstruction Of The Holographic Polytropic Gas Dark Energy Model In The Flat Frw Universe



Prasanta Das1 And Kangujam Priyokumar Singh2


51 A Supply Chain Approach To Small Enterprises And Risk Management

(Iso 31000): A Case Study


Raja Prasad1, Timothy Ngaihte2,  Manoj Kumar Rout3, Ramakrishna Mishra4, Santosh Kumar Sahu5, Nitesh Dhar Badgayan6


52 Captive Rearing Of A Common Loach Lepidocephalichthys Guntea (Hamilton, 1822) Of Arunachal Pradesh As A Potential Ornamental Fish



Ram Kumar1*And D N Das1 Poster
53 Review On Order Statistics And Record Values From Fα Distributions




Rashmi Rekha Bhuyan Poster



Influence Of Natural Carotenoid Source For Pigmentation In Ornamental Fishes


Rimle Borah1 And Shyama Prasad Biswas2







Hydromagnetic Boundary Layer Flow Of Visco-Elastic Fluid Over A Permeable Stretching Sheet With Suction Or Blowing


Amal Debnath And Sankar Singha






Variation of the Acoustic Signal Features of Spontaneous Speech of Infants with Respect to Assamese Language


Miss Sippee Bharadwaj 1, Dr. Purnendu Bikash Acharjee 2





57 Synthesis Of Metformin Derivatives And Evaluation Of In-Vivo Anti-Diabetic Activity

Suman Kumar*1, Caroline Malsawmtlungi2 Susankar Kushari1


58 Evaluation Of In-Vitro Anticancer Activity For Synthesized Chloramphenicol Amine Derivatives


Susankar Kushari*1, Lalzikpuii Sailo2, Suman Kumar3


59 A Study On Optimal Land Allocation For Agriculture Production Planning In Kokrajhar District



Usha Rani Basmatary Poster
60 Application Of Electric Drives In Agricultural Application


V V Agravat1*, C S Matholiya1, R. Swarnkar2, P. Gupta3


61 A Critical Analysis Of Cumulative Rainfall Departure At Bangarpet Taluk, Kolar District, Karnataka State, India Praveena Kumara V Oral
62 Assessment Of The Population Structure, Sex Ratio And Growthof A Data Deficient Freshwater Crab, Sartoriana Trilobatafrom The Ranganadi River Of Northeast India



Awarlin Chetia1*, Krima Queen Machahary1, Tinku Pegu1, Debasish Borbora2,Debangshu Narayan Das1


63 Efficacy Of Natural Beta Carotene Sources Meal And Improvised Ecological Attributes On Growth Performance, Body Pigmentation And Gonadal Development Of Trichogaster Fasciata (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) In Captive Conditions



Anurag Protim Das1 And Shyama Prasad  


64 A Study Of Financial Inclusion Initiatives With Reference To Mudra Yojana In Rural Development Of Himachal Pradesh


Vijay Pal Singh Oral




Women Trafficking: A Silent Crime In The Naga Society

Emilo R Yanthan Poster



Fathomingthe Ships: A Contextual Study Of T. S. Pillai, Yann Martel And Michael Ondaatje’s Selected Nautical Narratives


Rima Bharatkumar Soni Poster




A Study On The Impact Of Television On

Different Classes Of The Society With A

Special Reference To Chatrang Mazgaon Of

Gohpur, Biswanath District (Assam)

Parishmita Kakati Poster


Element Of Nostalgia And Memory In Accordance With The Shadow Lines By Amitav Ghosh









Efficacy Of Different Traps Against Fruit Flies In Bitter Gourd


Abhilisa Mudoi, Dilip K. Saikia2  And 3 Mohan Ganesh B Poster




Entomotourism : A Tool For Conserving Insect Biodiversity


Abhilasa Kousik Borthakur, Karanika Gogoi 2 And Dr.Inee Gogoi 2 Poster




Evolution Of A Clinical Engineering In Medicine – A Clinical Neurophysiologist View Dr Rajajeyakumar Manivel Invited Speaker






Cytotoxic Properties Of Leaf Extracts Of Cephalostachyumpallidumm. And Their Antimicrobial Efficacy


Dr. Sony Kumari1, Dr. Priyanka Kashyap2, Shahbaaz Ahmed3 Poster
73 Pest Complex Of Summer  Greengram And Blackgram In Jorhat, Assam Abhilasa Kousik Borthakur 1 , Dr.Inee Gogoi 2 And  Karanika Gogoi 2*


74 Impact Of Climate Change On Seed Production And Quality


Madhurima Bezboruah


75 A Critical Analysis Of Cumulative Rainfall Departure At Bangarpet Taluk, Kolar District, Karnataka State, India Praveena Kumara V.


76 Insects As A Bioinic Model For The Innovations Of Modern Techonologies


Mohan Ganesh.B, D.K.Saikia1 And Abhilisa Mudoi1


77 Nutritional Management In Chylothorax: A Case Study Of A 10 Year Old Girl




Priyanka Bhattacharyya





Survival Analysis Of Breast Cancer Patients In North-East India,

Using The Kaplan-Meier Approach



Swapan Bhattacharjee


79 A Study On Optimal Land Allocation For Agriculture Production Planning In Kokrajhar District


Usha Rani Basmatary Poster
80 Role Of School Nutrition Garden In Improving Nutritional Knowledge And Vegetable Consumption In School Children


Sushmita Khatoniar Poster




Protection Of Traditional Knowledge As Intellectual Property In India

-Analysis Of Issues And Challenges



Alaka Samal Poster
82 A Study on Music Preference and Its Association with Personality Sulakshana Khatoniyar Poster
83 Isolation, Production, Characterization and Optimization of Lipolytic Bacteria Isolated from Palm Oil Sludge: Potential for Oil Spill Degradation  

Rex Belli O. Peji, Diozelle O. Peji, Antoniette B. Geolina, Jun Rey M. Meking

Irene A. Papa, M. Sc., Fides Z. Tambalo,

84 Family Disintegration and Juvenile Delinquency in Guwahati: A Case Study        Dulumoni Baihsya Poster
85 Rhizospheric Bacteria Isolated from Coastal Areas: Potential Agent for the Bioremediation of Lead (Pb) in Lead-Contaminated Waters Leonie Grace M. Wu, Janelle U. Montanio, Antoniette B. Geolina, Jun Rey M. Meking,

Irene M. Papa

86 Antioxidant Activity of Bacterial Exopolysaccharides

of Marine Bacteria from Mangrove Soil

Mark Josept O. Bigaran, Antoniette B. Geolina, Jun Rey M. Meking, Dr. Fides Z. Tambalo




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